The Mistress of Hell
An Independent RP blog for SessMama, named Setsuna by her mun. Mun is 18+
Posted: 1 year ago on 10/6/13 at 1:37am
Facts About my SessMama: A PSA from Grape
  • Her name is Setsuna. Her name is not Inukimi or whatever.
  • She does NOT hate/despise Inuyasha or his mother
  • She is on speaking and cordial terms with the Inu no Taisho
  • If you piss her off, she will be sending your character to hell. This is your fair warning to avoid such a fate.
  • She cares very much for her son, but their similar and conflicting attitudes cause friction between them and she’s too proud and haughty to ever back down from his sass, preferring to sass back
  • Hell literally worships her. She can summon hounds and imps and shit from hell to fuck things up for her. DO NOT MESS WITH THIS WOMAN UNLESS YOU WANT A GLIMPSE OF HELL.
  • Finally, don’t assume you know my muse and try to tell me how to play her. I got this. Keep in mind all of this and you may play with her.
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